Monday, February 25, 2008

Cash Tactics for Anne Ahira

I named it Cash tactics. The way to get money from working online. It is very suitable for Anne Ahira community. Here are some of them.

Special Reports

A special report is a "mini-E-Book" by no more than about 5 to 12 pages long. Although you can certainly a mini-ebook sold (provided that the information it contains, will be valuable enough), the optimal use of a short report, as a lead-generation tool for your affiliate campaigns.

The mini-ebook is the ideal tool viral. You create (or acquire) a mini-ebook, with your affiliate links and / or your main URL. The focus of the report should be specific niche and focused entirely on prior to the marketing of affiliate product.


It is a piece of the cake, which churn out products from interviews.

In fact, it is perhaps one of the laziest generation content available. Interview packaging is easy. You can use the interview as a written protocol, an audio protocol, or both. You can download MP3 file, or you can find the entire interview burn on CD, the label on an attractive, and immediately take a price of at least 30%.

Tele Seminar

If you want to know something interesting to teleseminars?

While they are a popular marketing method, the field is really wide open for you in the bar, because it relies on very few marketers to understand how they draw from.

A teleseminar requires advance planning and a willingness to overcome a bit of stage fright. The average marketer in competition with you avoid teleseminars for these reasons. They are intimidated by the idea, except for time and talking, even by phone, to an audience of a few hundred people.

You can cash in on this technology in a big way. Tele seminar, right now, are particularly popular in the Internet marketing volume and tend to focus on marketing issues, but just imagine what you can do if you instead teleseminars for non-Internet marketing niche audience? The field is wide open and very under-used.

There you have it - five quick and easy ways to generate cash windfalls online! It is really just amazing, is not it? Any tactic is really just a vehicle for the delivery of an idea.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Optical Zoom Versus Digital Zoom

by: Paul Casinelli

A common misconception of digital camcorders is the advertising component known as "total zoom". This is the combination of Optical Zoom + Digital Zoom. It is important to fully understand the values and disadvantages of both types.

Selecting a camcorder with a respectably higher optical zoom can lead to more effective video shooting and clearer picture results. It enlarges a picture using the actual lenses. It will allow you to capture a video from a farther distance without losing picture quality.

Digital zoom, on the other hand, will allow you to enlarge a picture but consequentially will reduce the overall picture quality. The word Digital refers to enlarging the picture "artificially". It selects the specific area of the picture you would like to capture and enlarges it.

It is important to select a digital camcorder that will meet your specific needs. If you are interested in recording videos at a distance such as sporting events or a scenic route, it would be important to own a camcorder that will allow you to capture a clear and concise picture when using the zoom feature. However, if your budget and recording intentions are lower, most zoom capabilities will still be effective.

For a selection of affordable digital camcorders that feature both clear picture quality and impressive optical zooming options, visit . It is important to choose a camcorder with large optical zoom, but this is not the only feature that you should consider when purchasing. Be sure to research shooting modes (wide screen or full screen), and other technology available today!